The Hive: Fortnightly findings

Every fortnight we welcome special guests to The Hive to talk about bees and wild pollinators. Until 29 October (alternate Sundays).

Event details

Alternate Sundays 28 May – 29 October 2017 11.30am, 12.30pm, 2pm, 3pm & 4pm

TALKS AND CONFERENCES       Venue:    Under The Hive

Price: Free with entry to the Gardens. Save on the price of your ticket when you book online

Be inspired

Our fortnightly findings bring together different community groups, national organisations and innovators to inspire you.

Learn how to build an insect hotel, discover why we need wasps, pick up teamwork tips from honey bees, and find out how you can support urban pollinators.  Highlights include:

6 August – Build your own insect hotels. Nurturing Nature’s George Pilkington will give top tips on how you can host wild pollinators at home, and how you can identify the guests that come to visit.

A very buzzy day at Kew’s Hive today!

20 August – Create collaborative communities inspired by The Hive. SEED Madagascar’s international beekeeper will reveal how teamwork underpins the mysteries of The Hive. Following in the honeybee’s footsteps, find out how helping wild pollinators and honeybees can build stronger communities here in the UK and in the world’s poorest countries.

3 September – Get the Urban Buzz with Buglife who are creating holiday homes and mini meadows for our UK pollinators. Help to make a ‘Pollinator Pledge’ – mapping motorways for pollinators that will join up good conservation spots around the country.

17 September – What’s the point of wasps? Urban gardener and international beekeeper Harriet Stigner explains how, by beginning with bees, we can improve our appreciation of other unsung and underrated insects. Get involved and help wild pollinators – with information on community and conservation projects across London, the UK and beyond.

1 October – Tiny but powerful! A pollinator’s brain may be smaller than a sesame seed, but equipped with a wasp’s nest, live bumblebees, and specimens straight from the lab, Royal Holloway’s social insect experts will reveal how mind-bogglingly brainy our pollinators really are, and teach us how to promote their health at home.

15 October – Beyond the bees. Entomologist Lucia Chmurova and Royal Entomological Society zoologist Tim Cockerill challenge the bad reputation of many creepy crawlies. After drawing an exciting picture of the pollinators they’ve encountered, and species they’ve discovered worldwide, they’ll zoom in on the wild UK pollinators that we can find in our gardens.

29 October – Help build the B-Line with Bee Collective who are collaborating with a host of conservationists to create a 70km long B-Line through London to support our urban pollinators.

Included with entry to the Gardens.

Save on the price of your ticket when you book online

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