Bumblebees – encouraging them into your garden

September 21, 2010

in Bumblebees and their ecology, Gardening For Wildlife

This is one of a few onion sets I left over winter to flower on an allotment that attracted scores of bumblebee visits over a long period by several different bee species and left me with loads of onion seeds to plant next year! FOR FREE !

All my articles, videos and work are funded by my teaching and sales of award winning bumblebee nest boxessolitary bee boxes,  and wormeries.

Watch bumblebee ecology in your garden by encouriaging bumblebees into your garden by planting the right plants to flower at the right time, i.e.when the bumblebees need food! Different plants flower at different times and some of these are essential to the life of the bumblebee and vice versa. Some flowers can only be pollinated by bumblebees, for example the beautiful foxgloves. By extending the flowering period, we provide food for bumblebees over a longer period of time.

If you are interested in encouraging more bumblebees into your garden, download the article below…….

Encouraging bumblebees into your garden

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For more information and to help save bumblebees join the Bumblebee Conservation Trust at Stirling University

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