Buzzy the bumblebee, seed balls and kids….. a fun day!

October 28, 2013

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Teaching children that nature can be fun!

Buzzy the bumblebee

60 Manchester school children had a great fun day out in a local park. After completing bumblebee quizzes, mazes, word searches and other bee related activities it was time to roll up their sleeves and make mud balls! We mixed together water, clay, compost and wildflower seeds attractive to bees. Buzzy the bumblebee was on hand to tell the kids about the life of a bee!!

Keeping the rain off!

Tables and bowls prepared with gazebos erected to keep everybody dry!

A touch of chilli power to stop squirrels is mixed in

A tiny hint of chilli powder is mixed into the clay helping to deter squirrels and mice from munching the seeds inside the seed balls. The masks added a little fun to the day!

Mud balls with wildflower seeds inside!

Seed packed mud balls made, to be stored overwinter, ready to plant out in spring and await the flowers and bees!! All in all a nice example of children reconnecting with nature, learning, having fun and getting their hands dirty! Buzzy said thanks to Shelly for funding the project, the teachers, parents for helping out and of course the children for their numerous questions about bees!!

If you or your school/community group would like a similar session please contact me.  I also sell the kits separately.               01925 452819.       email:

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marian morrison October 29, 2013 at 9:22 pm

Good to know that children are taking nature seriously. Love the idea of the seed packed mud balls, I must remember to do this with our great grandson.

Note of interest!! have been watching the squirrel bury walnuts [stolen from a neighbours tree] in my plant pots, it must have buried at least half a dozen hope he remembers where they are!!!



nurturingnature October 29, 2013 at 9:38 pm

Hi Marian, The kids absolutely loved it! I hope to do more of these sessions… I sell the kits in large and small tins! Something I am developing for my web site!

Yes, I suspect the squirrel will remember most of its life saving food cache.BFN, George


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