Bumblebees and their life cycle – a short video

March 25, 2011

in Bumblebees and their ecology

A bumblebee being fed with diluted honey. Honey is made by the honey bee not a bumblebee !!

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Scroll down here to watch the life cycle of a bumblebee, from order to chaos. Life and death. Many people simply do not know about the life cycle of our bumblebees. They are aware that honey bees live in a hive and that they provide us with honey. Or to be blunt about it, they do n’t provide the honey, we steal their honey!!  This honey is the honey bees food store for them to survive the winter. Many people  I speak to also think that bumblebees, if they are aware of them !, make honey for us as well. They do n’t! They do not know that all the bumblebees in a colony will die at the end of summer and only the young queens live. These will hopefully find a mate, hibernate safely and the following spring, start a new colony and the cycle begins.  I have found an excellent BBC video that is just over 6 minutes long, with David Attenborough describing the little known but fascinating life cycle of the buff tailed bumblebee, (Bombus terrestris) ….

you can view it here…            http://bbc.in/hnQ4u5

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