Bumblebee Presentation, Flint & District Honeybee keepers

April 12, 2016

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Flint and District Beekeepers Presentation

I enjoy giving presentations to honeybee keepers. Many of them are keen ‘experts’ in honeybees and very knowledgeable about them. Its rather nice when they ask me to tell them about garden bumblebees or solitary bees. I loosely class my self as a wild beekeeper! So its nice to exchange experiences.

The talk will cover aspects of garden bumblebee ecology, lifecycle, their decline, ( pests, diseases, neonicotinoids/chemical, loss habitat)) nest boxes, forage and more.

Although honeybee keepers already appreciate the importance of honeybees, they mainly concentrate on honeybees and not our wild bees. Its groups like honeybee keepers who can help our wild bees. The more people who are made aware of our wild bees the better!

2pm  Edith Banks Memorial Hall, High Street, Northop, CH7  6BQ. There may be a small entry charge.

Contact me if your honeybee keepers group or other groups you are aware of that would like a presentation, please contact me.

For those who would like a quick guide to the differences between bumblebees and honeybees check it out Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Intersted in Citizen Science and pollinators? (e.g. bees!) The Buzz Club

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