Bumblebee nest site in manure heap

November 27, 2010

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Bumblebee nest site in manure heap!

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Bumblebees nest in many different places.I found this bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) nest whilst collecting manure for some vegetable plots on an allotment site in Garston, Liverpool., where I teach school children. They are notoriously difficult to find. You could easily walk past a nest site without ever noticing it. Bumblebees are extremely important pollinators of numerous wild flowers and many vegetables and fruit we eat, such as tomatoes and strawberries. I like tomatoes and strawberries, so long may this continue!  But they need our help. If we help them, then they will help us!

I was pleased to find it because being a memer of the the Bumblebee Conservation Trust,(BCT) I wanted to actively take part in some research work undertaken by them.

Bumblebee entering nest site

This involved monitoring the number of bees visiting and leaving in a 15 minute period for each week, as well as other information such as site, grid reference, weather, start time, etc. It was really interesting and for just 15 minutes observation a week….now where was that nest entrance again? !!!!!

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