Deluxe bumblebee nest box designed and made in NW England

February 25, 2012

in Bumblebees and their ecology

All my articles, videos and work are funded by my teaching and sales of award winning bumblebee nest boxessolitary bee boxes,  and wormeries.

Deluxe bumblebee nest box, designed, developed and made in NW England.

It nice to see there are still some manufacturers left in England! The company produce quality products and are based in NW England, reasons why I use them and not have my products manufactured abroad!

Bumblebee nest boxes by Nurturing Nature manufactured here in NW England

After studying the research papers, testing various boxes and other trials, using my past experiences of bumblebee nest boxes, I and the manufacture’s designer discussed the basic outlay and design of the nest box. I drew some designs, described what requirements were needed and we took it from there. The discussions are translated into measurements which are fed into a computer driven wood cutter for precise cutting. This shows the front and the landing platforms.

Bumblebee nest box by Nurturing Nature made in NW England

 After being cut and drilled to the exact sizes, the sides and walls are glued and screwed for strength. This shows the top with runners for the viewing window…they are taking shape!

Bumblebee nest boxes, by Nurturing Nature and a few wax moth boxes

The wax moth box is attached to the front of the bumblebee nest box, designed to attract wax moths inside it and away from the bumblebee nest entrance.

Bumblebee nest box, by Nurturing nature, screwed and glued for strength

After the cutting and drilling, comes the screwing and glueing.

Bumblebee nest box, hand finishing and attaching the bumblebee porch

One of a number of process that require hand finishing at the manufacture’s and at Nurturing Nature’s office.

 It does give me a great ‘buzz’ to se a physical bumblebee nest box from a concept inside my mind!

For more information and to help save bumblebees join the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

*Although the Nurturing Nature Bumblebee Nest Box with optional extras (Reg. Design. 4020826) is made of FSC wood, it is made on a non-FSC accredited site.



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