Deluxe bumblebee nest box and an unwelcome visit by a cuckoo!

February 9, 2012

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Deluxe bumblebee nest box visited by cuckoo bumblebee

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Cuckoos and their rather anti social behaviour are known to many people. Yet were you aware there are cuckoo bumblebees? Queen bumblebees emerging after hibernation may have to fight to the death with other queens in their search for a suitable nest site. The victor we shall call the foundress queen, who then sets about establishing her colony. There are other queens bumblebees who specialise in seeking out already established nests, these are the cuckoo bumblebees called Psithyrus. 

Bumblebee nest box is approached by cuckoo bumblebee

These queens are born fighters, with their tougher, thicker body armour, which is not as flexible as their targets, (less chance of being stung in a weak spot), being equipped with stronger jaws and stings than other bumblebees. Not being equipped with pollen baskets, less hairs on her body to aid in collecting pollen, unable to secrete wax to make wax cells, they are not equipped to establish their own nests. Instead they seek out, by smell, find and kill foundress queens, along with any workers that attack her in defence of their nest. Then she will take over the nest, enslave the conquered workers to feed, tend and nurse her own young, all of whom are queens or males. None are workers and none participate in foraging for food to bring back to the nest.

Bumblebee nest box fitted with ‘cat flap’ foils cuckoo bumblebee

The cuckoo bumblebee (Bombus vestalis) just could not figure out how to open the bumblebee ‘cat flap’, even as worker bees were entering and leaving and she watched! Of course she had not been trained!

Bumblebee nest box with ‘cat flap’ foils cuckoo bumblebee trying to get inside to take over nest

Despite numerous attempts she could not get inside the nest box…this nest was saved. She goes trying to find another entrance.

Cuckoo bumblebee trying in vain to find an alternative nest entrance

The lawn near the bumblebee nest box was searched on foot, she then flew…..

Cuckoo bumblebee searching for nest entrance

into the ivy near to the nest searching in nooks and crannies…..

Cuckoo bumblebee seeking nest entrance to bumblebee nest box

then goes to search the primroses nearby,for an alternative entrance…

Cuckoo bumblebee goes underneath nest box to find another entrance to nest, after being thwarted by ‘cat flap’

After unsuccessfully spending some time in search of another entrance, this queen tries another method to gain assess to the bumblebee nest box….

Cuckoo bumblebee attempting ‘full on charging of the bumblebee ‘cat flap’

a full on charge of the entrance, flying off in disgust for one last search…….

Cuckoo bumblebee tries to find nest entrance on the roof!!

For the next two weeks I observed similar actions by a queen cuckoo bumblebee trying to gain access. Whether it was the same queen I will never know.

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