A wildlife gardener’s attitude to lawn mowing!

January 13, 2015

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A wildlife gardener’s attitude to lawn mowing!

In my last house I made a lovely wildlife garden. When mowing the lawn, I would deliberately leave small patches of wildflowers uncut in the lawn to flower. I thought the clover, selfheal, buttercups, daiseys and dandelions all looked lovely. The ‘scruffy’ looking lawn did not go down too well with some members of my family and the lawn would be mowed. After a few times of this behaviour by me, I was ‘banned’ from mowing the lawn!! Great!

Do not mow the lawn! Nurturing Nature


This huge sign was seen in a garden centre cafe hanging from the ceiling. I think it is fantastic!!

You may wish to see this beautiful bee friendly wildflower lawn left uncut by one of my enlightened neighbours! It gives me a real buzz!!



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