Bumblebee Nest Box Accessories

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Wax moth larvae have completely destroyed this bumblebee nest- no known defence was available

Read more here about this major pest of bumblebees and why we need to do something about them. Although today it would be frowned upon to dig up wild bumblebee populations for science studying, even Sladen in his popular book on bumblebees, recognised that under his care, bumblebee nests once rid of parasites, often succeeded better than if left alone.

Bee Flap to exclude pests

The bumblebee cat flap is my way of addressing the problems created by predators, parasitises and pests of bumblebees. They are suffering from pesticides, lack of habitat, lack of forage and other hazards, they need our help to survive and pollinate our crops and wild flowers!

Bumblebees using cat flap

Read more here  how the bumblebee cat flap imitates what happens in nature. Full instructions come when purchasing, as to how you can train your bumblebees!

With its host bumble bees B. terrestris safely inside, the bumblebee cat flap foils cuckoo bumblebee B. vestalis

Read more here  how during trials, the bumblebee cat flap foiled an attack by another pest, the cuckoo bumble bee.

Tinted viewing window

Bumblebee nest box with a simple ‘lift & look’ lid and view through red window

The Bumblebee nest box makes a great educational experience for all and the red tinted window comes as standard making it ideal for school grounds, university grounds and of course your garden!

Read about the red tinted window here with its advantages and easy viewing capabilities.

Creating a false underground nest entrance

bumblebee nest box converted to a false underground nest

Read here how the Nurturing Nature bumblebee nest box can easily be adapted to cater for species of bumblebees that nest above, on or underground by creating a what scientist call a ‘false underground’ nest.