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Gardening for Wildlife

Gardening for Wildlife Book by George Pilkington

Gardening for Wildlife by George Pilkington

£4.95 inc p&p to mainland UK
Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Alfresco Books
Language: English
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“An eminently simple, straightforward guide to making your garden better for wildlife.” RSPB Birds Magazine, Autumn 1999

“Gardening For Wildlife is a model of what a ‘how-to’ book should be.” Good Gardeners Association

“A handy little book, good for a check-list when planning a new garden…could be useful for teachers or children with a wildlife project, as well as keen gardeners.” HDRA (now Garden Organic), The Organic Way, Spring 2000

“George has captured years of practical experience in this book and his enthusiasm comes shining through, full of useful tips and sound advice.” Prof. Chris Baines – gardener, naturalist, television presenter, author and one of the UK’s leading independent environmentalists

Composting with Worms

Composting with Worms by George Pilkington

Composting with Worms by George Pilkington

£6.95 inc p&p to mainland UK
Paperback: 124 pages
Publisher: Eco-Logic Books
Language: English

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Got Worms? Get this…
“Whilst you have to dig around the net for good worm guide-n-guru’s (of which the author also appears & is both highly regarded AND contactable within the uk) ..the internet can be a major distraction when you actually wish to do more than simply browsing.

Which is why I purchased this excellent book, it fills the gaps of knowledge that can make or break a wormery, save you time with explanations of the micro-climate that is a developing wormery & when to hold your horses as to assumed mistakes on the worried owners part.

Without this book I would be a rubbish worm-keeper & recycler, with it I’ve gained great knowledge & kept my worms alive, recycled successfully, bred loads of babies (well they’re captive in the wormery & breed)…so many mistakes avoided thanks to this book.

Replacing your worms should you go horribly wrong is expensive, this book is cheap, you can dip into it & keep it as a point of reference & then leave the worms to do what they do best, recycle.

Ace book that settles the nerves of the beginner. Wormeries ought to come with it as standard, it’s short but concise & covers pretty much everything!

Spennewyn “boxer lady” (Cambridge, UK) 23 July 2010

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