Ptinus sexpunctatus listed as a natural enemy of Red mason bees

17.04.2017 A selection of my garden wildlife videos

Ptinus sexpunctatus 6 spotted spider beetle not a welcome visitor to Red Mason bee nests! I found several of these beetles when cleaning out an orchard solitary bee nest box, containing Red mason and leafcutter bees. I do not know how they arrive whether they fly in as adults or crawl inside and lay their […]

Easter eggs and easter cocoons 2017

16.04.2017 A selection of my garden wildlife videos

Easter Blue tit eggs and easter Red mason bee cocoons I hope the Blue tits fare better this year than last year 2016 I notice that this female has found a tennis ball as the female did last year! I wonder if it is the same female or even the same tennis ball? Easter Sunday […]

Solitary bees by Ted Benton

14.04.2017 Gardening For Wildlife

New Solitary Bees book Before writing the review, I asked Ted why he wrote the book bearing in mind he is better known for his bumblebee work and this was his reply: Since early childhood I’ve lived a passionate engagement with wildlife – often focussing on the small and close at hand. Insects, especially have always […]

How to make garden compost presentation to Manchester Organic Gardeners review

09.04.2017 Composting

Composting Presentation to Manchester Organic Gardeners I had a busy day on Sat 9th April having just given a Wildlife Gardening presentation for Grow Wild at Prestatyn in the morning, I was off to give another presentation this time about making garden compost in the early afternoon. The Composting Process – George Pilkington MOG were […]

Fledgling Robin from an Ivy covered fence nest site 5/4/17

08.04.2017 A selection of my garden wildlife videos

Ivy a magnet for garden birds Something caught my eye the other morning moving around my raised beds. I waited and saw this single fledging Robin. It was just a few yards from a nest I watched the female make, and then watched the two parents busy to -ing and fro -ing with food for […]

6 solitary bee species, 1 cuckoo bee using Nurturing Nature’s solitary bee observation nest box

01.04.2017 A selection of my garden wildlife videos

This is not a bee hotel! It is a solitary bee nest box with observation windows! In the film you will see, besides 6 different solitary bee species, a Coelioxys cuckoo bee and not often seen or filmed, its larva with egg crushing or larva killing mandibles. I watched this cuckoo bee and when it […]

Is your bee hotel a nursery for pests and disease BTO GBW talk 18 Mar 2017

22.03.2017 Nurturing Nature Talks/Presentations

Garden BirdWatch Ambassadors meeting 18 March 2013 Thetford The day was hosted by the BTO GBW team, Kate Risley and Claire Boothby. The event was attended by several GBW Ambassadors and I had the great pleasure of meeting them. I listened to some very interesting talks by Kate and Claire, about their BTO work, a thought […]

Are neonicotinoids killing birds, if so where are they?

17.03.2017 Birds

Prof. Dave Goulson’s reply to Dr. Chris Hatfield of the National Farmer’s Union  Carrion Having walked many miles throughout farmlands, woodlands, marshes and the wider countryside, to be honest its not that often I find many dead birds or other animals for that matter. Nature deals with carrion which is an important food resource for many […]

Nurturing Nature Wildlife Gardening Talks list Risley Moss 2017

16.03.2017 Gardening For Wildlife

Wildlife gardening talks/presentations Risley Moss Please do come along and help raise funds for the Risley Moss Green Safari, details below. I’m sure there is something here that will interest you.   Next talk 1st April

Grow Wild Network Day: Prestatyn Sat 8th April 2017 with Nurturing Nature presentation

15.03.2017 Gardening For Wildlife

Nurturing Nature speaking at Grow Wild Network Day: Prestatyn Sat 8th April 2017 I am really looking forward to this event and talking about Wildlife Gardening for a change! Although bees will buzz into the presentation no doubt! This is a free talk with events starting at 0.9.45. Come along and enjoy what looks like […]