Video Organic Raised No Dig Beds Hugelkultur style improves soil

13.02.2017 A selection of my garden wildlife videos

The magic of woodchips and earthworms in your vegetable beds I was prompted to write this article as I have so much information, experiences and photographs, just sitting on my Mac not being of use to anyone! Then I saw this Tweet and read “Agroforestry and using woodchip to improve soil health” in late October […]

BTO Garden BirdWatchers find Hedgehogs active in December 2016

25.01.2017 Gardening For Wildlife

Why are you still awake? Rise in Hedgehog sightings due to late start to winter. Active Hedgehogs were being seen in gardens well into December, according to reports from the British Trust for Ornithology’s weekly Garden BirdWatch (BTO GBW) scheme. Volunteer Garden BirdWatchers reported more Hedgehogs in November and December than in previous years. Before […]

Do neonicotinoids harm/affect other wildlife besides bees? Yes! Update Jan 2017

12.01.2017 Birds

My article “Do neonicotinoids affect other wildlife as well as bees? The new DDT?” made me realise that to keep abreast of this mounting evidence that they do affect other non targeted wildlife, I decided to collate science papers and corresponding press articles to allow people who don’t generally have access to the scientific knowledge enabling you to make […]

6 Blue Tit chicks die in my nest box in worst year ever 2016 video

23.12.2016 A selection of my garden wildlife videos

BTO state worst breeding season on record for Blue Tits in 2016 I am an avid bird feeder and enjoy, like many millions of other people, watching the birds and their antics in the garden. I have encouraged many birds to nest here as well, such as, Great Tits, and Robins as part of my wildlife garden. As food becomes […]

Osmia leaiana, Red Mason bee and leafcutter bee cocoons comparison video

17.12.2016 A selection of my garden wildlife videos

Red Mason bee, Osmia bicornis, Osmia leaiana cocoons and a leafcutter bee cell to compare Lined next to each other for comparison, with the pesto bee! Osmia leaiana cocoon left inside its cell in situ and the other two added. As with other solitary bee cocoons, usually the female is larger than a male, depending upon […]

Video Bullfinches feeding on Sorrel seeds in wildflower meadow lawn

01.12.2016 A selection of my garden wildlife videos

A pair of Bullfinches feeding upon Sorrel seeds in my wildflower meadow lawn Although they visit my garden for the bird feeder during the winter and spring months, it was great to see the pair of them visiting my new wildflower meadow and eating seeds of Common Sorrel that I deliberately left to seed early summer. […]

Organic Gardening the Natural No-Dig Way by Charles Dowding Readers offer

01.12.2016 Composting

Organic Gardening the Natural No-Dig Way At the very start of my organic gardening life, I was fortunate to come across Jack Temple’s book ‘Gardening without Chemicals’. I mixed that with Geoff Hamilton’s raised deep bed gardening ‘Gardeners World Vegetable book’ and a HDRA booklet about raised beds and off I went experimenting, reading, experimenting. […]

Weeds. This book is a little gem! Special Offer to readers.

01.12.2016 Gardening For Wildlife

I have been gardening organically using the no-dig system since the mid-1980s and am a Life Member of the Good Gardeners Association. I have taught wildlife and organic gardening to many students and school children over the years. I am still learning myself! I am rather particular as to which books I read on these subjects. […]

Bee and other pollinator decline research paper links

13.11.2016 A selection of my garden wildlife videos

Managing Solitary bees in my garden I am regularly asked why do I manage my solitary bees instead of just leaving them outdoors like most other people inside their bee house. I find it absolutely fascinating, educational and interesting. I have learnt so much about their ecology, foraging, species using them, nesting, biology and the […]

Video Osmia leaiana nesting in nest box till 25th Oct 2016 a record for me

03.11.2016 A selection of my garden wildlife videos

Tough little Osmia leaiana sits it out till Late Oct 2016 In 2012 I had my last Osmia leaiana nesting at my new address although I made the film the year after. Her offspring never made it and I opened the cocoons to see why, late July 2013. Most of them were dead but a few […]