Garden BirdWatch Ambassadors meeting 18 March 2013 Thetford

The day was hosted by the BTO GBW team, Kate Risley and Claire Boothby. The event was attended by several GBW Ambassadors and I had the great pleasure of meeting them. I listened to some very interesting talks by Kate and Claire, about their BTO work, a thought provoking talk by Dr. Daria Dadam about butterflies and a fascinating presentation by Katharina Seilern-Moy about Garden Wildlife Health. I finished off the morning session with my presentation before we broke for a delicious lunch.

Bee hotel looks full. But what’s inside?

Claire commented about my presentation:

“It was a great talk, exploring the little known and fascinating world of the pests inhabiting solitary bee hotels. George is an engaging speaker and his enthusiasm on the subject shines through, along with the amount of work he has put into the study of solitary bees and their pests over the years. The videos he’s recorded captures interesting processes and behaviour occurring in our gardens”.

Afternoon session

The afternoon session was basically an exchange of useful comments and ideas to enlist more Garden BirdWatchers and how useful the information that was collected was proving for researchers of garden wildlife.

Garden BirdWatch is run by the BTO. It is a Citizen Science Project, whereby people observe their garden birds or other garden wildlife and complete a form. Its really simple and rather enjoyable taking very little time or effort

Free BTO Garden BirdWatch book when you join

Why join?

Understand and connect with your garden’s rhythms and annual cycles, and contribute your sightings to our ongoing research on garden wildlife.

The project is funded through an annual subscription of £17.

Join today and receive a free copy of the 220-page ‘Garden Birds and other wildlife‘ (cover price £14.99), which will help you identify and understand your garden visitors.

You’ll also receive four copies of Bird Table (our quarterly magazine), and get expert advice from the BTO to help you identify, understand and look after the wildlife in your garden.

Are neonicotinoids killing birds, if so where are they?

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Prof. Dave Goulson’s reply to Dr. Chris Hatfield of the National Farmer’s Union  Carrion Having walked many miles throughout farmlands, woodlands, marshes and the wider countryside, to be honest its not that often I find many dead birds or other animals for that matter. Nature deals with carrion which is an important food resource for many […]

Nurturing Nature Wildlife Gardening Talks list Risley Moss 2017

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Wildlife gardening talks/presentations Risley Moss Please do come along and help raise funds for the Risley Moss Green Safari, details below. I’m sure there is something here that will interest you.   Next talk 1st April

Grow Wild Network Day: Prestatyn Sat 8th April 2017 with Nurturing Nature presentation

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Nurturing Nature speaking at Grow Wild Network Day: Prestatyn Sat 8th April 2017 I am really looking forward to this event and talking about Wildlife Gardening for a change! Although bees will buzz into the presentation no doubt! This is a free talk with events starting at 0.9.45. Come along and enjoy what looks like […]

Tired Tree bumblebee queen B. hypnorum glad of a drink video

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Tree bumblebee queen gets just the right tonic! I was just leaving today to go to give a garden bumblebee talk at Risley Moss when I saw this exhausted queen Bombus hypnorum right on my drive. This time of the year I have a bag of fructose handy for this very reason. 50/50 dissolved in […]

Bee Summit Liverpool Guild of Students Nurturing Nature presentation

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Bee Summit Liverpool Guild of Students Bee Keeping Society Join us for a day of activities to show you just how important bees are in our environment. We have workshops like bee identification and bee friendly seed bombing during the day and talks during the evening in the Mandela Room! The schedule for the talks […]

Garden Bumblebee talk Risley Moss 11-12.30pm March 11th 2017

06.03.2017 Bumblebee pests, enemies, etc.

Bumblebee presentation with short videos Weather and time permitting we may go on a walk to see if we can observe any queen bumblebees searching for suitable nest sites. Monies donated to Risley Moss Green Safari Day, Warrington. There are a range of wildlife gardening talks and films over the next few months. Contact Risley […]

Melittobia acasta battlefield inside a leafcutter bee cocoon video

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A war zone inside a leafcutter bee cocoon After coming across Monodontomerus wasps and then Pteromalus wasps, my next customer to film was this minute chalcid wasp Melittobia acastsa. It is not fussy which bee it targets. In fact it targets several species of bees and even wasps, flies and in the labs of researchers, […]

Spider with eggs inside solitary bee nest box video

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Spider with eggs inside solitary bee nest box video Spiders and other creature use solitary bee nest boxes overwinter. This female had her eggs inside and was watching over them. This is just one example of why you should have a solitary bee nest box that you can access for cleaning and see what is inside before […]

Bumblebee queen nest searching and recommended flowers film

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Bumblebee queens and their foraging plants Soon last years ‘new bumblebee queens’ will be emerging from hibernation, feeding up on pollen during the day and hiding from overnight frosts. Then healthy queens (as opposed to nematode infected ones) will shortly be looking for nesting sites. Single queens establish one nest, providing certain requirements are met. […]