Award Winning Bumblebee Nest Box

Each bumblebee nest box now comes with all the special bedding materials a bumblebee queen requires, the importance of which is greatly under appreciated, as well as access to a preparation video.

Bumblebee and solitary bee nest boxes manufactured in NW England.

Bumblebees using anti-wax moth cat-flap – watch the video


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 Prof. Dave Goulson’s tweet Mar 2014 Bumblebee ecologist Sussex University

Review of nest box by Dr C Moffat bumblebee researcher, Dundee University

The Nurturing Nature Deluxe Bumblebee Nest Box – Inspired by nature, driven by science

In the design of the bumblebee box nearly everything has been thought of, so I can really recommend it. This is one of the very best bumblebee nest boxes I have ever seen. So if you only prepare the nesting material properly, you have a pretty high chance to get a bumblebee nest in the hive. But you also need to have nest searching bumblebee queens in your area and place the box, so the queens do find the nest box. Read the full review  By Atle Mjelde, bumblebee biologist, Norway Award Winning

Deluxe Bumblebee Nest Box. ” Inspired by nature, driven by science.”  

Each bumblebee nest box now comes with all the special bedding materials a bumblebee queen requires, the importance of which is greatly under appreciatedas well as access to a preparation video.

New stock with design improvements, shelter over porch AND now painted.

Besides the bumblebee nest box, it’s what’s inside that matters!

Now taking secure credit card payments over the phone 01925 452819Bumblebee nest box £70.00 including delivery to MAINLAND UK ONLY. Overseas charges apply. Contact me.


I have listened to what customers would like and am pleased to say after trying several paint finishes, I decided upon Osmo. Now each bumblebee nest box is painted with Osmo paint. Made in Germany, and with over 100 years of development, Osmo offers a natural and environmentally friendly alternative to wood finishing. Based on natural and renewable vegetable oils which penetrate deeply into the wood, which helps to keep the wood flexible and healthy preventing it from drying out and becoming brittle, allows the wood to breathe, enabling moisture to evaporate while providing water and dirt resistant surface. It does not crack, peel, flake or blister. It is durable, prevents wood swelling and is UV resistant. It enhances the wood grain; the colour emphasises the entrance hole, and the light colour helps to reflect the sunlight. Colours, as shown, may change.

Nest box includes full and detailed instructions, including red tint window, natural bedding, wooden batons, bumblebee cat flap, fine metal mesh ventilation covers and mouse excluder.

All measurements are approximate
Height with lid: 23.5cm
Length: 38cm
Width: 30cm
Empty weight 4.8.kgs
Nest chamber internal measurements
Height: 18cm
Length: 25cm
Width: 22.5cm

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Sales include support and advice ‘surgeries’  by email or telephone regarding bumblebees and the nest boxes.

I am also available to give talks about bumblebees/solitary bees and their ecology. Please email me for details or telephone 01925 452819 and leave your details.
Highly likely I will be out nature hunting or teaching!

Prof. Dave Goulson, Stirling University, Anthony McCluskey, Bumblebee Conservation Trust and George Pilkington discussing the features of the bumblebee nest box at Stirling University.




Bumblebee Kapok Bedding

Natural Brood Chamber Bedding

£5 inc p&p to mainland UK

See bumblebees working our natural bedding

Deluxe bumblebee nest box. Find out more about the research behind the Nurturing Nature Bumblebee Nest Box

Having owned many bumblebee nest boxes over several years with no occupation, I become dismayed at the designs of bumblebee nest boxes, the woeful supply of bedding, the lack of pest/predator features designed into them and the pro educational value of them. As the result of my frustration with their design and a lack of success with bumblebees breeding in bumblebee nest boxes confirmed in the scientific literature as a problem throughout the UK, I set out to see what could I could do.

There are at least four ways of obtaining queen bumblebees for your nest boxes. One thing is for sure; there is much more to buying a nest box and positioning it the garden hoping a queen will accommodate you! From an idea to drawings to prototypes and now an actual product, I produced a nest box, with a Registered Design, which acknowledges bumblebees and their needs as well as minimising the harm done by their pests. It is now available for sale as a sustainable product.

union jackThe Nurturing Nature Bumblebee Nest Box is a high-quality product, precision made, hand finished and manufactured locally in North West England.*

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Research and Development

As a founding member of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, I became very concerned about the decline of bumblebees in the UK, the lack of public knowledge about their decline and a lack of educational resources available to the general public.

Scientific research finds that bumblebees and solitary bee pollinators contribute more than honey bees. As honeybees are in decline, it becomes increasingly necessary for us not to put all our eggs, into one basket.

I have devoted considerable time to the study of scientific papers and practical experimentation to understand the ecology of bumblebees and trying to identify the reasons for their apparent lack of interest in using bumblebee nest boxes. I experimented wanting to find solutions, using purchased nest box and my designed nest boxes.

Obviously, there will be many questions still to be answered about what exactly bumblebee queens are looking for in selecting a suitable nest site and ways in which we can help minimise attacks by pests, predators and parasites. I hope this will open the debate for other researchers both full-time professionals and part-time enthusiasts to study! As I learn more and experiment more, my articles on bumblebees will evolve with my learnings.

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“This is the Rolls Royce of nestboxes. It comes complete with all you will need, most importantly the nesting material. I have yet to see a better designed nest box”  from the site

The importance of gardens and citizen science

Researchers have found many bumblebee queens emerging from hibernation and looking for nest sites to establish a colony, perish and do not succeed. Many factors affect this from happening, including a lack of nesting sites, when queens sometimes fight to the death for such an essential resource.

They also found that numbers in the countryside are declining but that gardens had a positive effect on the density of bumblebee nests, suggesting that gardens now provided a stronghold for bumblebees in an otherwise impoverished landscape. The positive influence on gardens on their population meant that the bumblebees could spill over at least 1km into surrounding farmland. Providing a bumblebee nest box at least gives queens more chance to establish a colony.

A recent report emphasises the valuable contribution volunteers, citizen scientists, have made to science. This review suggests it is vital, not only do citizen scientists contribute to the professional body of scientific research, but they also help to monitor our environment. It has enabled professional scientists to collate vital information which they may never have achieved alone. Gleaned from volunteers, who by observing, monitoring and recording wildlife have, besides stimulating an environmental education and interest for themselves and others, enjoyed doing it!

Such enthusiastic volunteers may well add to this pool of knowledge by studying wild bees that nest in suitable nest boxes in their back gardens, without disturbing the bees. For example, note how easy it is to observe the full life cycle of Red Mason Bees (Osmia bicornis) through large observational windows. Imagine the useful data that would be helpful to researchers with the help of citizen scientists with bee boxes in their gardens.

*Although the Nurturing Nature Bumblebee Nest Box with optional extras (Reg. Design. 4020826) is made using FSC wood; the premises is a non-FSC accredited site.

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